Our Philosophy

It is our belief that every person will eventually come to a stage in their life regardless of any particular age in which they will become largely out of balance within both their mind and body.

When these imbalances are lived with for long periods of time, the mind and body begin to take on various symptoms when left untreated and can eventually lead to a wide variety of ailments, illnesses and diseases.


These various symptoms are signs and indicators that the yin & yang is blocked somewhere in between the muscles of the body.  It is essential to release the Qi blockage in order to restore energy, balance and proper functionality to the muscles and the nervous system, which in turn bring peace and harmony back to the mind and body.

Therapy Services

Suffering from illness or ailments? Having pain from a sports injury?  Find out if our therapy  treatment is right for you.

Natural Supplements

We offer the best in natural herbal supplements to combat the ailments of stress and fatigue, while promoting micro blood circulation and restored vitality.

Firmax3 Cream

No surgeries needed, not much time required and no hard work need to be done in order to look beautiful and most important healthy with Firmax3.

Health Devices

Each health device used in our therapies are also available for purchase for home use. Learn how to transform your own home into a treatment center.

Spine Fingernail Diagnosis

Find out if your current ailments are being caused from old injuries of the past.

Some injuries may have been due to sudden jerks or falls. If not treated properly at the time of when it occurred, these injuries could later be the root of various symptoms and ailments.


Make an appointment with us today to get a spinal column screening through our fingertip testing process.



Apprenticeship Program

Do you have a passion for wanting to help restore good health to those who suffer from illness and are in need of assistance? Are you willing to take the necessary time to understand our therapy practices and eventually join our team? Nu-Reflexology is seeking interested candidates to expand its team through our apprenticeship program.

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Anatomy of Physiology


Mongolian Osteopath


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Soqi’s Workshop Outlet:

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